Who am I?

You already know that my name is Gunnel. And you can see that it is Tuva om my lap. This picture is from one of the first days she was with us…

My life with dogs is probably what might interest you. My first dog was a poodle and I got her in 1955. Well she became more a family dog as I was too young to handle the full responsibility of being a dog owner.

In 1962 I was getting experience in a cowhouse in Värmland (Borgviks bruk) and they had a Swedish Vallhund that tended 70 cows. There was a 6 months old bitch pup meant to take over after her mother – that’s what the owner thought… She was my first Swedish Vallhund and no dog has been more loved. Her name was Busis (Ragamuffin) and she was unbelievably obiedient. She fetched everything, including bottles and fast dissolvable lumps of sugar! I never needed a leash for her.

Later on a number of dogs have passed my life; different breeds and some of them for relatively short periods as my life was quite confused a number of years. As my life became more stabilized I bought a kelpie. He was with us for 16 years before he moved into the dog’s heaven. After a mourning time a new dog ”happened to us” – a cross-breed that alas got very sick at the age of 8 so he was put to sleep. As I was burying him my husband said that if I wanted a new dog that was OK with him. And so Tuva came into our lives. More about Tuva on her own page.

What else can be interesting?

Education: after the high school examination I studied a couple of years to become a veterinarian. I quit that to get married and became an elementary school teacher. Most of my teaching time I worked as a remedial teacher.

Geography: I was concieved in Östergötland, born in Västerbotten (Skellefteå), raised in Stockholm, since 1980 residing in Småland – first in Söderåkra, after that in Dångebo, and in between four years in Skåne

If you want to know anything more about me, send a mail and I will answer as good as I can.