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Nr 12

Some wine some water
The last time I ended by saying we tried to give Vetoryl to both Tuva and Sunny. Tuva was fine on a low dose. But it didn’t work for Sunny even when he got three times what Tuva got. So his days were up and Loulou came to be present when we said godbye to Sunny and then buried him in my meadow.
After losing three dogs at young age to Cushing I am convinced that it is a partly hereditary disease. After lots of thinking I believe that one factor kicking the start button of the disease might be RoundUp. All dogs who got the disease have lived here for a longer time and I have been using RoundUp to mark stones I otherwise may get stranded on with the big mower. Even if the glyfosat is not dangerous alone the mix of substances in RoundUp IS dangerous! Now I only use it where I have the electrical fence and the dogs don’t go near that anyway as they know what it feels like. Stones above ground are now marked by used car tires around them. As a bonus I can grow things in them.
Tuva has a super life with my sister Loulou in Stockholm. She is getting old but is still happy and playful. To add to the good things she is health care for my sister and her husband.

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